Master Skids


Master skids are used for the storage of heavy or large items, such as tires. They are often used in warehouses, but can also be found at construction sites, auto dealerships and supply stores. A master skid is made up of a metal frame that has four legs attached to it. The legs have wheels that allow them to move freely around the frame. The wheels are connected by chains or cables so that they can be rotated in order to move the skid across any surface without becoming damaged by objects underneath it.

Master skids are designed to hold large amounts of weight without causing damage to floors or other surfaces underneath them. They are typically used when you want to transport large loads of goods over short distances where there might not be enough space available for standard trucks or trailers.

The main advantage of master skids is their speed and agility. They can move quickly through water or land without losing control over their movements because they're not as heavy as other vessels. Master skids can carry weapons on board for use when needed and also carry supplies for long trips away from home base.

Master Skids is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for your company's needs. Our systems are designed to be easy to use and affordable. They're also customizable, so you can choose the functionality that best meets your needs.