Portable Cabins And Its Types


Port cabin is a portable structure that can be moved from one place to another. Generally constructed with sustainable and eco-friendly materials, these port cabins are created to move rather than permanently installed in one area. 
The bigger version of portable cabins is known as portable buildings.
Portable buildings are constructed with a steel outer wall, steel roof and galvanised steel floor frame. The walls are filled foam insulation to give them a high thermal efficiency.

Our portable buildings can be relocated to meet your specific requirements, whether you need to move them to a new spot on an existing site, or even new premises entirely. Moreover, they don’t need a foundation; a flat surface is more than enough for this cabin. These buildings are economical and extremely cost-effective.  The usage options of porta cabins are endless- offices, classrooms, accommodation, ablutions, kitchen units, and much more. This unrivalled flexibility of porta cabins makes them an excellent choice for your space requirements.

The portable cabins are used for various applications such as site office, security cabin, accommodation, storage, toilets etc. They are an economical alternative to traditional buildings. The versatility of these structures is what makes them unique from other constructions.

You can use portable cabins for temporary purposes like events and parties or permanent plans like home, garage etc. They are built to last for years.

Types of Porta Cabin we provide

1. Prefabricated Office Cabins

The prefabricated office cabins from Mister Shade ME is available in different sizes and can be linked end to end or side by side. If you want to expand your office without spending much or if you are looking for an office cabin on a construction site, you can rely on us. We make the best ones in the market.

2. Office cabin Interiors

Our panel of experts will help in enhancing the interiors of the office cabins. A pleasant ambiance will increase the productivity of employees. 

3. Multi-storey Cabins

We have a fantastic range of multi-storey cabins which will be promptly installed according to the requirement of the clients. 

4. Temporary Site Office

Many construction industries want their staffs to be away from the main office building. However, it is vital to do the regular office works, and companies build temporary offices in the form of cabins. We are the leading supplier of the temporary site office in the Middle East market.

5. Prefab Accommodation Building

Prefab accommodation units are made with the highest quality materials to provide a safe and functional accommodation anywhere you need it. Before installation, our experts will monitor the site to ensure excellent service. 

6. Modified Containers

Our modified containers are flexible and sturdy, which can be used for long term as well as short term purposes. This easy to relocate containers are built for office and living.

7. Portable Security Cabin

It is a noble act to provide a safe and secure space for the securities in this scorching heat. We manufacture and supply the best security cabins in the region, and you can rely on us to show gratitude to your guarding employees. 

8. Porta cabin rental

If you don’t want to own a portable cabin or if you are looking for a temporary set up, we have an amazing range of porta cabin rental. You can check out our gallery and choose the one that suits your requirement. Or make a call, we will make the design according to your requirement.