Rig Cabins


Al-Askafi Center is one of the leading multifaceted Manufacturing Company engaged in the production of prefabricated relocatable buildings as well as leasing of heavy equipment for the construction industry. Rig Cabins are built to suit our clients specifications and requirements. Our workforce can reach any location with our Relocatable Rig building system. It has also leased heavy equipment for many government departments and private sectors. We can handle any project you need us to complete.The Company is one amongst the largest manufacturers of Prefabs, Portable Cabins, and Containers converted to Cabins in Kuwait. We are well planned, organized, designed & executed by highly skilled & experienced professionals

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of options to fit every need. We strive so hard to provide outstanding service and experiences for every one of our guests. The cabs are very durable and can withstand harsh environments, including extreme cold and heat. They are also resistant to wear and tear from operating in such conditions, which means they will last longer than other cab models on the market.